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Tuesday, 3 December 2013

my pokemon white 2 team

 That's them :)


Hello everyone been such a long time hasn't it? Well I'm back HUZZAH! well I'm not a giant Pokémon fan as I was when I started this now I'm more into Doctor who a amazing sci-fi show that has been going for 5O Years now that's a lot of years! here is a link to my new blog Don't think I'm leaving this blog FOR EVER I realised that this blog has gotten a lot of page views over these months so I though its worth a try! So here I am back to posting. Just one thing I am not going to keep doing the all the Pokémon post just :| Bye!

Friday, 1 March 2013

pokemon white 2 and black 2 full review

Hey guys Yoshi here for my next blog post. Sorry it has been a long time since my last blog post. but I am back now and I have completed the whole game. I have not caught all the legendary Pokemon in the after game. and I have not faced n but I am doing that very soon. I completed the game five or six months ago but I had not done any thing in the after game, and now that Pokemon x and y have been announced I thought that I should do a full review of Pokemon black 2 and white 2 so lets start.

 PS you can get the game for around 60$ from ebgames/gamestop. When you start the game you find your self in a town called aspersion City. It is the first starring Pokemon town that has a gym  and a Pokemon centre. spoiler alert i will say when the spoiler is over the gym leaders cilans chili's and cress's gym is now just a restaurant and Lenora's gym is now just a library and brycens gym is still there but now he works for pokewood a Pokemon version of Hollywood. and iris mega mega spoiler alert do not read if you do not want to spoil the the whole game. and iris is now the champion :O . still more spoilers sorry. cilan chili and cress have been replaced with cheren your rival from the first game :O Lenora has been replaced with the second new gym leader Roxie iris's and drayden's gym is now just drayden's and brycen has been replaced with Marlon a water type gym leader. 1 more thing bianca is now  professor juniper assistant and you get your starter. spoiler over.

The starters are Tepig, Snivy and Oshawott. I picked tepig and now he was evolved into a pignite and then again this time he evolved into a emboar. Now for the rest of the starters if you pick Oshawott it evolves into a dewott and then in to samurott and if you picked snivy  it evolves into servine then into serperior. Tepig's abilty is blaze, Oshawott's is torrent and Snivy's is overgrow.

 All of the starters evolve at level 17 then again at level 36. You usually get a fully evolved starter after the fifth gym if you have a few team members but if you only have one or two you chould get one by the  fifth gym. PS i am going to do a full review so this is going to be a very long review because there is a lot of stuff to talk about.

Ok the first gym hmmmmm you only have to face two gym trainers and Cherin's hardest Pokemon to deal with is his lilpup. Best Pokemon to use - fighting types are best to use. but for that gym battle I would say that for difficulty is 4.

Roxie hmmm you have to battle the drumme,r the guitar girl  then you can face roxie but if you can catch a magnemite it will be easy  because it's electric steel type and steels can not be hit by poison attacks and its a poison type gym. Hardest Pokemon to deal with -  I don't know. Best Pokemon to use  - ground types or psychic types .difficulty 1 if you have a magnemite and difficulty 4 and a half if you do not have a magnemite.

 Hmm what was the 3rd gym leader hmm burgh that's right if you have a pignite  darumaka or a growlithe its way easy but if you don't have a fire type  then flying type's are good to but if you have both good for you :) . Hardest Pokemon to deal with - leavanny. difficulty with fire type or flying type or both 2 difficulty normally 5 elesa gym leader of nimbasa city electric type gym leader Lucky you can get 2 ground type's before this gym a rock type will help a lot too. worst Pokemon to deal with emolga becoz of volt switch. difficulty with ground type and rock type 2 and a half with no rock or ground types 6. 

Next clay, very cool gym. Water type are great so if you have a dewott it would be easy or any water type Pokemon would be great. Hardest Pokemon to beat  - excadrill.difficulty with water type 4 without water type 6 and a half. Skyla gym is pretty cool .rock and electric are the best. hardest Pokemon to beat don't know. difficulty with electric or rock type Pokemon 2 and a half with no electric or rock type Pokemon 5. drayden cool gym. best Pokemon to use ice or dragon types. hardest  Pokemon to beat haxorus :O difficulty with ice or dragon type 6 with out 8 and a half . Finally last gym leader Marlon ok gym, best Pokemon to use grass and electric Pokemon. Hardest Pokemon to beat jellicent difficulty 6 difficulty with grass or electric type 4 .


Wednesday, 31 October 2012

pokemon in minecraft?

I love minecraft as well as Pokemon, Kirby and Mario so i have a competition to make a Mario pokemon, kirby in minecraft with no mods 100% vanilla minecraft.

 To enter leave a comment with a link to the donwload or a topic on the  minecraft forums with a link to the map. Whoever wins will get a shoutout for blog, youtube or both or any website and a pokemon post i will do.

So please enter. You have a long time to make it  but i will not tell you when it end. Rules was to be in minecraft, it was to be pokemon, mario or kirby and you can not take someone elses map and say it's yours .

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

151 to 643+ pokemon

i love Pokemon so here a list of all the Pokemon type's and Pokemon fire grass water normal electric bug ghost flying fighting psychic steel rock ground ice poison dark dragon now here's the Pokemon.
i am going to do thees list from a to z and play thees music will you read. abra psi pkmn. abomassnow. frost tree pkmn. absol disaster pkmn. aerodactyl fossil pkmn. aggron iron armor pkmn. aipom long tail pkmn. alakazam psi pkmn. altaria humming pkmn. ambipom long tail pkmn. ampharos light pkmn. anorith old shrimp pkmn. arbok cobra pkmn. arcanine legedary pkmn. arceus alpha pkmn. ariados long leg pkmn. armaldo plate pkmn.aron iron armor pkmn. articuno freeze pkmn. azelf willpower pkmn. azumarill aqua rabbit pkmn. azurill polka dot pkmn. accelgor shell out pkmn. alomomola caring pkmn. amoonguss mushroom pkmn. archen first pkmn. archeops first bird pkmn. bagon rock head pkmn. baltoy clay doll pkmn. banette marionette pkmn. barboach whiskers pkmn. bastiodon shield pkmn. bayleef leaf pkmn. beautifly butterfly pkmn. beedrill poison bee pkmn. beldum iron ball pkmn. bellossom flower pkmn. bellsprout flower pkmn. bibarel beaver pkmn. bidoof plump mouse pkmn. blastoise shellfish pkmn. blaziken blaze pkmn. blissey happiness pkmn. bonsly bonsai pkmn. breloom mushroom pkmn. bronzong bronze bell pkmn. bronzon bronze pkmn. budew bud pkmn. buizel sea weasel pkmn. bulbasaur seed pkmn. buneary rabbit pkmn. burmy bagworm pkmn. butterfree butterfly pkmn. basculin hostile pkmn. beartic freezing pkmn. beheeyem cerebral pkmn. bisharp sword blade pkmn. blitzle electrifed pkmn. boldore ore pkmn. bouffalant bashbuffalo pkmn. braviary valiant pkmn. cacnea cactus pkmn. cacturne scarecrow pkmn. camerupt eruption pkmn. carnivine bug catcher pkmn. carvanha savage pkmn. cascoon cocoon pkmn. castform wether pkmn. caterpie worm pkmn. celebi time travel pkmn. chansey egg pkmn. charizard  flame pkmn. charmander lizard pkmn. charmeleon flame pkmn. chatot music note pkmn. cherrim blossom pkmn. cherubi cherry pkmn. chikorita leaf pkmn. chimchar chimp pkmn. chimecho wind chime pkmn. chinchou angler pkmn. chingling bell pkmn. clamperl bivalve pkmn. claydol clay doll pkmn. clefable fairy pkmn. clefariry fairy pkmn. cleffa star shape pkmn. cloyster bivalve pkmn. combee tiny bee pkmn. combusken young fowl pkmn. corphish rufflan pkmn. corsola coral pkmn. phew   ther a lot of pokemon  beter keep going cradily barncle pkmn. cranidos head butt pkmn. crawdaunt rogue pkmn cresselia lunar pkmn. croagunk toxic mouth pkmn. crobat bat pkmn. croconaw big jaw pkmn. cubone lonely pkmn. cyndaquil fire mouse pkmn. carraacosta prototurtle pkmn. chandelure luring pkmn. cinccino scrarf pkmn. cobalion iron will pkmn. cofagrigus coffin pkmn. conkeldurr muscular pkmn. cottonee cotton pkmn. crustle stonehome pkmn. cryogonal crystallizing pkmn. cubchoo chill pkmn.darkrai pitch-black pkmn. delcatty prim pkmn. delibird.deoxys dna pkmn. dewgong sea lion pkmn. dialga temporal pkmn. diglett mole pkmn.   ditto transform pkmn.  dodrio triple bird pkmn. doduo twin bird pkmn. donphan armor pkmn. dragonair dragon pkmn. dragonite :D dragon pkmn :D    drapion ogre scorp pkmn. dratini dragon pkmn. drifblim blimp pkmn. drifloon balloon pkmn. drowzeeeeeeeeeeee lol hypnosis pkmn. dugtrio mole pkmn. dunsparce land snake pkmn. dusclops beckon pkmn. dusknoir gripper pkmn. duskull requime pkmn. bustox. darmanitan blazing pkmn. darumank zen charm pkmn. deerling season pkmn.deino irate pkmn. dewott discipline pkmn. drilbur mole pkmn druddigon cave pkmn. ducklett water bird pkmn. duosion mitosis pkmn. durant iron ant pkmn. dwebble rock inn pkmn. eevee :D evolution pkmn. :D eevee ftw. ekans snake pkmn. electabuzz electric pkmn. electivire thunderbolt pkmn. electrike lightning pkmn. electrode pokeball pkmn or ball pkmn. elekid electric pkmn. empoleon emperor pkmn. entel volcano pkmn. espeon sun pkmn.exeggcute egg pkmn. exeggutor coconut pkmn. exploud loud noise pkmn. eelektrik elefish pkmn. eelektrosselefish pkmn. elgyem cerebral pkmn. emboar mega fire pig ftw :D . emolga sky squirrel pkmn electric flying but can not learn fly? escavalier cavalry pkmn. excadrill subterrene pkmn. farfettch'd wild duck pkmn. fearow beak pkmn. feebas fish pkmn. feraligatr big jaw pkmn. finneon wing fish pkmn. flaaffy wool pkmn. flareon flame pkmn. floatzel sea weasel pkmn. flygon mystic pkmn. forretress bagworm pkmn. froslass snow land pkmn. furret  long body pkmn. ferroseed thorn pkmn. foongus mushroom pkmn. ferrothorn thorn pod pkmn. fraxure axe jaw pkmn. frillish floating pkmn. gabite cave pkmn. gallade blade pkmn. garchomp mach pkmn. gardevoir embrace pkmn. gastlty gas pkmn. gastrodon sea slug pkmn. gengar shadow pkmn. geodude rock pkmn. gible land shark pkmn. girafarig long neck pkmn. giratina renegade Pokemon. glaceon fresh snow pkmn. glalie face pkmn. glameow catty pkmn. gligar flyscorpion pkmn. gliscor fang scorp pkmn. gloom weed pkmn. golbat bat pkmn. goldeen gold fish pkmn. gold duck duck pkmn. golem gorebyss south sea pkmn. granbull fariy pkmn lol. graveler rock pkmn. page 100 yay. grimer sluge pkmn. grotle grove pkmn. groudon continent pkmn. grovyle wood geko pkmn. growlith puppy pkmn =D grumpig manipulate pkmn. gulpin stomach pkmn. gyardos atrocious pkmn. galvantula elespiderb pkmn. garbodor trash heap pkmn. gigalith compressed pkmn. golett autmaton pkmn. golurk automaton Pokemon. gothita fixation pkmn. gothorita manipulate pkmn. gurdurr musclar pkmn. happiny play house Pokemon. hariyama arm thrust pkmn. haunter gas pkmn. heatran lave dome. pkmn hipopotas hippo Pokemon. heracross singel horn pkmn. hippowdon heavy weigth Pokemon. hitonchan punching Pokemon.hitmolee kicking pkmn. hitmontop handstand pkmn. ho-oh hohoho :D honchkrow big boss pkmn. houndour dark Pokemon. huntail deep sea pkmn. hypno hypnosis pkmn. haxorus heatmor anteatter pkmon. herdier loyal dog Pokemon hydreigon brutal pkmn.


youtube is

pokemon white 2

hello,  yoshi here and today i'm talking about pokemon white 2 and pokemon black 2. i have not completed the game right now but i'm more than 50% through the game so i will do another one when i have completed the game. my current team is embore, lucario, growlith, eevee, gurdurr, ducklett, zora and audino. now here's my thoughts on the game, underneath the video.
now this game is set 2 years after pkmn w & pkmn b so old places have new stuff in them. there's a lot to do so this game should last you a while to complete. i'm having a lot of fun playing this game and the only reason you wont like it is if you  dont like pokemon at all. .here is a review of the game. the game is reviewed by gamexplan
therre's great detail in it's graphic's and i hope a lot more pkmn game's look like this. a full reveiw will be out when i finish the game :) .

it's about 60 dollars to bye it from eb  game's. good bye from yoshi :):):):):):)